6 Benefits of Gel Nails

Hands are a real neat card for any self-respecting woman . What could be more beautiful than a perfect manicure all the time? You do this with modern methods. Considering all the myths circulating on account nail to see the 6 advantages of this type of manicure .

1. They are much stronger than natural nails

False nails are an alternative if natural does not grow enough , peel , break , you wont bite them or simply want a perfect manicure for longer .

2 Perfect French permanent

The dream of having a classic French manicure , perfect and not hurt for a few weeks is finally a reality ! That does not mean you have to give your daily activities , it just means that your nails will cope well with all tests. You escape and minor imperfections such as bumps or grooves on the surface of the nail.

3 Long nails

If you do not allow your natural nails to keep them long , protective gel helps to keep the length that you’ve always wanted . In addition , the form will always be ideal and perfect nails symmetrical .

4 Models outstanding and varied

Nail allow you to give free rein to the imagination in terms of their decoration : nail painting , three-dimensional applications or piercings .

5 Nail polish last longer

If you want to convert classic french in a color full of personality , you can always use your favorite nail polish quiet , the good news is that gel nail polish will stay intact longer than the natural nail and will be a perfect sheen .
Are you tired of it ? There’s nothing a wipe and stick with the same perfect manicure at first.

6 Restoring broken nails

You have to break a nail ? There is no problem with using these materials , the angle can be restored so that you will not be able to distinguish natural .

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