Tour Guide to Scarsdale

Bronx River Parkway - one of the oldest parkways in the country offers a nice scenic drive during the day (usually unlit and possibly more hazardous driving conditions at night).

On certain Sundays in the summer, the parkway is closed so bicyclists can bike along it. There are also biking trails along the Bronx River.

Some local residents tend to go into neighboring towns to find things to do at night: White Plains (bars, pool, clubs, movies), Eastchester, Yonkers, or New Rochelle (New Roc City).

Scarsdale High School - a very large school. It's the main reason people move to this town.

Although there really aren't many popular attractions in Scarsdale, it does have a lot of nice nature trails, parks, and ponds. Good places to bike, walk, or picnic. Some remnants of the town's history appear in various places: historic Wayside Cottage on the Post Road, old colonial milestones and signs along Post Road, and the Scarsdale Historical Society for example. The brook outside the Scarsdale High School is a place where people sometimes picnic or ride bikes. Sometimes it's a little stagnant. Being "brooked" is when some students from the school toss their friends into the brook.

On the 4th of July (at night) the Scarsdale Pool has its annual fireworks display, and throughout the summer there are movies at the Pool, concerts in Chase Park in the Village.

The steep hill behind Scarsdale High School is good for sledding (on trays or pieces of cardboard) in the winter.

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